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05Jun Freenas PCI-e 4 port SATA upgrade to my Video storage solution

All of the work I’ve been doing lately has eaten up a lot of storage space. My 4 by 3TB drive freenas storage solution is down to less than 1TB of space and shirking fast. The motherboard I’m using for my Freenas installation only supports 4 SATA ports, so I started researching a PCI-e upgrade […]

08Nov Freenas problem Solved!

Finally solved my freenas speed issues. Even though the on board Ethernet card in the motherboard I ordered has a supported network chip-set, it turns out that it was the bottle neck for my system. Apparently these are often labeled as 100/1000Gb ports but many of them have trouble  actually reaching those speeds. I was concerned with my read and write […]

31Oct FreeNas Speed test with new PCI-e 1Gb NIC

Finally had a chance to install the new PCI-e 1Gb Ethernet card and it seems to have dramatically improved read and write speeds to my desktop from the freenas build. Above is a read transfer from the NAS to a local hard drive. As you can see I’m averaging about 43 MB/s on this large file transfer. Considering […]