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23Feb Noob shock mount works with other field recorders

Heiko posted these pictures of the Advanced Zoom H1 shock mount with his Olympus field recorder mounted on a Panasonic Lumix GH2. Although my shock mounts were designed around the Zoom h1, they tend to fit most of the smaller size field recorders without much problem. Thanks for the pictures Heiko!

12Sep Noob Shock mount in the wild!

Stephen wrote in: I’ve been working on a still/video project on a roller derby team and your shock mount has been essential! I’ve been using it as a plant mic to record nat sound, mounted on a little tripod with a shoe mount. It can go anywhere without those nasty vibrations coming through the outer case. Looks like the […]

22Jun Noob Store is up!

I’ve added a new tab to the top of the site. Here you will be able to buy my shock mount and Juicedlink DS214 adapters, along with anything thing else I dream up. Right now the makerbot is back up and running. Shock mount adapters are back up and for sale, Juicedlink DS214 adapters should show […]