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10Jun Nvidia GTX Titan vs R9 290x for NLE work – First impressions

I’ve been test driving the R9 290x for almost a month now and so far it has been a positive experience. Rendering speeds are slightly faster than a GTX 680 and it has no problem keeping up with the Samsung 4k panel I’ve been using. It’s pretty impressive for a GPU that sells for around […]

26Apr OpenCL vs Cuda Adobe Premiere CC rendering test

As I mentioned earlier this week, I was pretty impressed with the OpenCL Adobe Premiere CC demonstrations I saw at NAB this year. Thanks to some attractive used prices on ebay, I decided to pulled the trigger on a used Sapphire R9 290x GPU. The R9 290 and 290x GPUs have had a drastic drop in […]

01Aug Need to decrease your rendering times in CS6?

I’ve been using a Nvidia GTX 285 2GB card for rendering since CS5, but it’s always interesting to see what newer, more powerful cards can do. For larger projects it can sometimes take the GTX 285 over an hour to render a complex timeline, but how much would it be worth to have that same […]