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10Nov Samsung 950 pro 512GB m.2 SSD, fastest SSD yet?

Over the last few years, SSD drives have advanced in leaps and bounds. We’ve gone from $300 for a 120GB glitchy Sandforce based SSD to 1TB SSD’s that saturate SATA bandwidth and now to the Samsung released the M.2 950 pro which is arguably the fastest consumer drive yet to hit the market. At a price […]

04Nov DSLR FILM NOOB Podcast Episode 62

Episode 62 of DSLR FILM NOOB podcast is up. Devin from impulsenetworks.tv joins me to discuss the Samsung 950 pro, Robocam, Olympus 300mm, snapseed, and more. You can find the show notes here. You can find the show on itunes here, Soundcloud, or under the podcast tab above. You can also leave questions on reddit at r/dslr.