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26Feb Aspen Lav and JK MIC-J 044 lav are basically the same

On the left we have the JK MIC-J lav mic and on the right we have the Aspen lav mic. They both look very similar and from a distance it’s hard to tell them apart. The included foam filters are the same for both, as are the tie clips, but there are slight physical differences between the two. […]

06Jan Wireless frequencies are going to disappear in 2014

Not the best news to start the year off, but it seems to be under reported. The FCC has proposed plans to eliminate public use of frequencies between 600 MHz and 700 MHz by the end of this year. You might recall that back in 2010 the FCC sold off the frequencies between 700 MHz […]

13Apr MXL FR-500WK Portable UHF Wireless Audio System

MXL (owned my Marshall) has been releasing relatively decent low price condenser microphones for the last 7 or 8 years. Their product line has mostly been known for it’s low price and acceptable sound quality. MXL’s condensers are often the units I choose for overhead drum mics, because they’re only a 100 or so dollars […]