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26Nov RODE’s Videomic pro 10 year warranty is very impressive

I’ve been using a pair of RODE videomic pro since 2012. They’ve been great for sync sound and interview audio over the years and always make it into my camera bag. After almost 4 years of use, I finally managed to break the cradle off while chasing actress into a car. I, didn’t really have […]

05Feb Nady SGM-12, still the cheapest usable shotgun mic on the market

For the price the Nady SGM-12 shotgun microphone is still one of the best values on the market. At $30 it could be described with buzzwords like “adequate”, “acceptable”, and “usable”. The audio from the Nady SGM-12 isn’t particularly impressive, but it is very usable for a $30 microphone. Over the years i’ve managed to […]