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06Jun Komputerbay 128GB SDXC Speed test

I’ve been testing out that Komputerbay 128GB SDXC card with the Panasonic GH4 over the last 3 or 4 days and I haven’t run into any problems with write speeds. Even at 1080p 200Mbit/s the card seems to sail along without any trouble. No dropouts or write issues so far, I might even approve it for paid work […]

01Feb USB 3.0 card reader speeds and why it matters

This question came in and I thought it might be helpful if I answer it on the site.  Since USB 3.0 has a max transfer speed of 5 Gbps and USB 2.0 has a max of 480 Mbps, and SD class 10 cards have a minimum speed of 10 Mbps, does it really make any […]

06Jun Komputerbay 128GB & 64GB CF card speed tests

Before I disappeared, I had promised some speed tests with the somewhat infamous KomputerBay CF cards. These cards are priced better than pretty much any other CF card on the market making them a very attractive choice for those that need a lot of capacity. I decided to try out a few different sizes and […]

13Apr Transcend 400x 32GB CF Card speed test.

As with all my other speed tests I’ve done, for this set of tests I’ve used the H2testw 1.4 flash drive testing program. A few of you have asked why I choose to use this program and the main reason is that it writes a series of 1gb files to the card until the card is […]