Visit the Magic Lantern Wiki Page were you can find all the files and information you’ll need to install the magic lantern firmware hack.

This video goes over a few of the main menu’s and things to look out for once you’ve installed the Magic lantern T2i firmware update. Remember this is a hack and if you make a mistake when installing it, you could damage your camera.

There are still a few bugs with the software including the fact that you have to press the menu or shutter button to get some of the graphic’s to redraw. But after testing and using it for a few day’s I think I feel comfortable taking it out on a job. I’ll still bring my 7d with me (of course), but having the option to properly record audio to the camera makes life a lot easier.

Equipment used in this video:
Canon 7d, Canon t2i
Canon 16-35mm f2.8
Canon 35mm f1.4
Lilliput hdmi field monitor
Zoom h1 and H4n
CPM film tools brackets and mounts