Juicedlink has released a few interesting DSLR camera rigs.  The first one is the Juicedlink DIY107 which is designed to work around the Rode VideoMic. Basically this unit connects to your Rode VideoMic via the 3/8-16 mount on the back of Microphone.  At $36 this could be a handy little bracket.

The Juicedlink DIY101 is the normal square camera bracket with 1/4 20 holes spaced across the outside of the unit. It doesn’t have soft handles and doesn’t include rails so it seems a little pricey at $164.

The last one on the list is the Juicedlink DIY102. This bracket is a nice unique T type design that allows you to have most of your gear mounted to one side of the camera. I often use a $15 flash bracket for this. But the flash bracket really only allows you 2 mounting points (unless you buy 2 of them and mount them together) where the DIY102 has 6 or 7 mounting holes. At $108 the DIY102 looks like it’s probably built better then most of the flash brackets and might prove to be longer lasting.

In my Opinion the DIY107 and DIY102 look the most interesting. For the price the DIY101 doesn’t look nearly as well thought out as some of the other rigs on the market. If your in the market for an aluminum camera square you might want to consider the IndiSQUARE by indisystems. At $129 you get carbon fiber rails, soft handles, and a rugged build.

The Indisquare is a bit on the heavy side, but it’s a great starter cage if you’re on a budget. If you can squeeze together about $100 more I would check out the DSLR Flyer Cage Kit by CPM FILM TOOLS. I have both the IndiSQUARE and the DSLR Flyer Cage and I can safely say that I like the CPM film tools rig better.  At $100 more then the indiSQUARE you drop over half the weight, add 2 sets of rails, add a better quick release and upgrade to much nicer handles.

Plus if you ever need to upgrade to a shoulder kit the CPM FILM TOOLS rig is much more expandable.

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