Even though I do most of my filming on Canon DSLR cameras, I still find it handy to have a small handheld Camera laying around the house. One of the problems I have with smaller cameras like the Canon HF s100 however, is that they’re designed for people with much smaller hands. My fingers are so long that they jut out past the controls and i’m left having to bend my hand uncomfortably.

After playing around with a few different options I finally settled on the Barska Accu-grip handle. The Accu-grip was originally designed to work with binoculars, but I find that it adds almost a Super 8mm camera feel to the ever shrinking size of prosumer camcorders. The 1/4 20 female threads on the bottom of the handle also gives you a handy place to mount a wireless receiver or Rode VideoMic, so you can avoid Canon’s shrunken hot shoe.

The Accu-grip might also be a nice option if you need to add a low price handle to your current DSLR Rig.

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