I’ve been seeing this pop up on ebay quit a bit lately. $40 gets you a the U shape camera mount. This seems like a good deal, but there is a down side. The handy looking monitor and microphone mount shown in the picture are sold separately. The price for the “sold separately” mount and adapter is $49.

It seems a little odd that the accessory adapter is more then the rig, so really this is a $90 DSLR cage. That still seems like a good price if you’re looking for your first affordable camera rig. If you don’t have a monitor, you could always turn your camera sideways and place the camera grip in one hand and the round part of the rig in the other.

I think originally this rig was called the Cam Caddie Scorpion. This demo video gives you a good idea of what this setup is all about even if it’s a little bit goofy.

Of course you could always use a couple of flash bracket for $15 or $20 to accomplish about the same thing.

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