People always ask if there are any cheap options for upgrading their editing computer. DSLR footage does take a beefy machine to edit, but can you get away with lower end parts and still have a pleasant editing experience? Honestly, I went from a computer that couldn’t handle DSLR footage to a computer that handles it beautifully. I never actually tried anything in between. I also haven’t used an AMD based computer in years. So I though maybe I would try an AMD configuration on my server upgrade and test out CS5 on a lower priced setup at the same time.

Here is the parts list:

The Grand total on this mixed up mess of parts is $275. I also through in a Rosewill wireless N network card for $20 extra. I’m working under the impression that you already have a computer case laying around the house with a usable power supply and a copy of windows. If not add another $140 for a case and a copy of windows 7.

I will be working on this project most of the weekend and should have some results posted in the next few days. I think, if all goes well, my server will also be a usable editing computer. These aren’t the most amazing computer parts you can get but it will be interesting to see if this configuration can handle the load of CS5 editing.

You could also by all this in the form of the HP Pavilion p6720f for about $550.