I dropped a few of the projects I had on my plate so I could dive into the Makerbot build. I couldn’t resist it. No major mistakes yet, so far I’ve managed to put together the X, Y, Z, and build platform. It’s a pretty slow process, but I haven’t run into anything overly complicated yet. The included directions are definitely missing a few steps and I ended up having to take a few things apart and put them back together again.

I feel good about the over all quality but it would be really nice if each part of the project was placed in a baggy, as apposed to one bag with 10 different types of nuts and bolts. I’ve had to spend a lot of time checking bags to find the items I need. If all goes well I should have most of it put together buy the end of tonight.

I’ve pushed back my server work tell tomorrow. These are all of the old parts from the original server, maybe I’ll slap them into a new case and use it for the Makerbot once it’s finished.