I finally made it home around midnight last night and the first thing to greet me (besides the dogs) was a large stack of boxes. This morning I dug through them to find the 3 legged camera rig I ordered a few weeks ago.

There isn’t a lot of padding in the box and there aren’t a lot of extras. Basically the kit includes the 3 legged adjustable rig, an allen wrench, and a single page manual. The design isn’t quit as compact as I was expecting but it does still fold up into a form factor about the size of a large net book.

Adjustments aren’t as simple as the manufacture makes it out to be. You’ll need the included allen key to loosen and snug up the adjustable arms. The allen head bolts are also designed to strip if they are over tightened, so you have to be careful when snugging up the arms.

The included 1/4 20 screw on the bottom of the adapter is also part of the camera mount which isn’t the greatest configuration if you plan to mount this on a tripod. I added an extra 1/4 20 screw to provide a more secure mount for my Manfrotto 577 QR plate. There is still plenty of room, even with a large QR plate, to adjust all of the arms to any position you’d like.

Even though there are a few problems I’ve found with this rig so fare, overall I’m very impressed. I don’t normally expect much from a DSLR RIG under $100, but the DSLR RIG shoulder mount (or whatever name you can find it under) feels pretty solid for the price (currently $85 on ebay).

The 1/4 20 threads are in every position you could think of on this guy, so mounting microphones, monitors, counter weights, or whatever else you can think of should be very easy. The only mounting issue I see as a problem would be finding a good place to attach a follow focus or matte box.

I’ll try and have a video review up once I get a chance to actually play around with this some more, but my first impressions leave me feeling good so fare.

UPDATE: Full video review is now up.

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