I have 2 weeks of Hotel life left ahead of me. I’ve spent the last few nights messing around with that 3 legged adjustable camera rig I brought with me. I’ve finally found a configuration that I feel comfortable with for shoulder work. The configuration above has the Sony CLM v55 monitor mounted on the left hand grip, a wireless Sennheiser pack on the cameras hot shoe, and an adjustable friction arm attached underneath the rig.

The friction arm is supporting the Okii USB follow focus in a position that is comfortable enough to use it for focusing and start/stop recording options. From this position I can operate most of the controls using my thumb. Even though I don’t consider the Okii USB follow focus to be great for smooth focus pulls, it works perfectly as an all in one camera controller. Just about anything you can do from the camera you can do from the OKii follow focus.

I’m currently trying to find an easy way to mount a counter weight on the back of this little rig. In this configuration my back and arms started to get worn out after about 2 hours of filming. With out a counter weight, this setup is very front heavy. I’m sure there is some way to take advantage of the 1/4 20 female threads on the end of the shoulder posts. I just need to spend a little more time hunting down a solution.

It would be nice if some of the holes built into this rig were smaller. That would make it much easier to adapt 1/4 20 hardware to a lot of the unused space on the support legs. I’m going to keep digging around for a counter weight solution. If any of you have already solved this problem, let me know.

On a side note: This rig has shown up on amazon for $249, I would head over to ebay and pick it up for $80. I’m not sure why the amazon price is so much higher, but ebay is probably the cheapest way to get a hold of this setup.