I can safely say that my 3d printer is probably one of the most useful things I have around the house. An Idea can turn into a handy little peace of plastic in as little as an hour. The makerbot I use is on the higher price side of things at around $1300, but a lot of people are working on lower cost 3d printers that make the price to play a little more friendly. One of the more interesting options I’ve come across lately is the Sumpod 3d printer.

This Sumpod is made out of thick MDF board, has liner roller bearings and doubles as a CNC cutting machine. The nice thing is that if you get in on the ground floor of this little guy, you can pick one up for about $500.

For a limited time, you can swing over to the Sumpod Indie GO GO page and get in on the action. Just remember, that you only have 4 more days to get on the list. After that the creators of the Sumpod say the price will go up.