Those SanDisk prices were so good that I went ahead and ordered 2 32GB cards and 2 16GB cards. I’ve been testing out Qscale setting that are¬†available with the magic lantern firmware updates to the Canon t2i. My¬†Transcend Class 10 cards don’t seem to keep up with higher Qscale settings, at about -11 I start to get drop out. The SanDisk cards on the other hand, have been recording with out much problem at -14 and -15 so far.

This demo gives a good idea of what Qscale does for video quality. You can actually reduce the bit rate enough to record up to 200 min as apposed to the 12 min with Canon’s normal compression rate. It’s very interesting to mess with, but I don’t know if these settings are ready for prime time just yet. Either way I think SanDisk cards are still a great value right now.

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