The Modogrip Pro showed up a few weeks ago, but I’ve been so tied up with other projects that I’ve just now had a chance to open the package. If you don’t remember my earlier post, the Modogrip Pro basically turns a Manfrotto 680B monopod into a dolly, slider, boom, and steady camera support.

The Modogrip is based around four 3 sided 1/4 20 clamps that are spaced along each of the extendable portions of the monopod. These clamps allow you to connect handles, wheels, and connectors where ever you like.

The connecting handles and adapters are very nicely machined from 6061 aluminum. The large thumb wheel is also machined aluminum and gives you a quick and easy way to thread the handle onto the sides of your monopod.

Wheels are attached using a very long thumb screw which feeds through a mounting leg. You can basically put the entire Modogrip together without using tools which is a very nice feature.

The Modogrip comes with a Manfrotto 234RC Tripod Head and a specialized adapter that allows you to mount the head anywhere along the frame of the monopod. I’m very interested to run this through a full set of tests because for me an all in one devices like this saves space and gives me more options when i’m packing for a job. For more info checkout the Modogrip site, I should have a full review up in the next few weeks.

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