I’ve been working on a practical setup that combines the Zoom h4n with the Jangus Stereo Wireless adapter. This would allow you to mount your Zoom h4n to the base of your boom pole, monitor your audio, and send  a stereo audio back to the camera. This would mean no cables and no syncing issues, which equals low budget audio gold.

This is just the prototype so there are still a few changes that need to be made to the design. But basically the adapter shares the same mounting point as the Zoom h4n to save on space. Add a short 3.5mm cable, a headphone Y-cable, and your set. The only down side is that you have to disconnect your h4n from the adapter to get to the batteries, but you have to do that with just about anything that uses the h4n’s 1/4 20 hole.

The design also leaves you enough room to reach the power switch and volume controls on the left hand side.  The 3.5mm cable is a tight fit, but it still leaves you with about 2mm between the transmitter button and the bottom of the cable.

I’m open to input, so if you guys think of anything that would make this more useful let me know. The camera mount adapter design is pretty much finished for the receiver. I’m still working on the review for the Jangus Stereo Wireless Wi system, but as of right now all things point to positive. I’ll keep you posted.

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