I’m still working on the full video review of the Modogrip I picked up awhile back. Meanwhile the starter kit price has dropped from $205 to $185 since the last time I checked. The $185 kit includes: two Modogrip Modular Clamps (small and large), one Modogrip Handle, four Modogrip Wheel Mounts, One Modogrip Tripod Head Adapter and four inline wheels.

So if you already own a Manfrotto 680B mono pod and want to turn it into a Modogrip, this starter kit should get things rolling (horrible pun). I’m hopping to get access to an abandon church in the next week or two so I can finish up testing. So far it’s looking pretty good.

If you want to find out more about the Modogrip, check out their site.


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