The price for these double cold shoe adapter brackets sometimes jumps all over the place. Last year about this time, I put up this post mentioning that the price was down around $13. I’ve seen it as high as $45 and as low as $18, but this is the first time I’ve found it back at about the price I paid for it last year.

You can remove the two cold shoe mounts on the bracket and use the rail to mount as many as three items (check out the pictrues here) and the base of the unit has female 1/4 20 threads if you want to attach it directly to a flex arm. It’s also hand when you need to mount two wireless units to an xlr adapter.  The bracket is a very useful thing to have around, especially for $12.99.

If you need one, you can find them for $12.99 with free shipping on ebay, otherwise it looks like they’re still around $20 on amazon.

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