When I mentioned the EOS-M camera announcement awhile back, you might remember me saying that the best reason to buy an EOS-M camera would be the up and coming EOS-M to FD adapter that would follow. I pointed out that the flange distance of the EOS-M to the sensor would be close enough to allow for the use of FD lenses without a glass adapter. This means a 50mm f1.4 works exactly like it was designed without any loss of light or other such problems.

It took a little while but here is the first EOS-M to FD adapter I’ve seen on the market. Now you will be able to get the same quality results from FD lenses that the GH2 owners enjoy, without the 2x crop factor.

The EOS-M to FD adapter will set you back about $50, but when you consider the dirt cheap price of used Canon FD lenses it’s still a very good deal. You can pick up some very decent prime and zoom lenses for under $100 a peace on ebay. The EOS-M also has a very affordable price compared to other options and if you’re only using it for video with manual focus lenses the slow auto focus  issues shouldn’t be a problem. I wouldn’t go this route for photography, but it’s a very affordable alternative for video shooters.

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