Blackmagic Pocket Cam 6

I finally managed to speak with a Blackmagic rep. The literature they have on the Pocket Cinema camera doesn’t say anything about Raw DNG mode. Apparently that is because Blackmagic isn’t 100% sure if that feature will be available at launch. According to the rep the camera will definitely have that option in the future but it could take a few more months depending on software development.

According to the Blackmagic rep I spoke with, you’ll be able to get about 1 hour of footage in ProRess 422 on a 64GB card and the data rate for RAW DNG will be about 4GB a minute. I was also able to play around with the menus and run the ASA setting (basically ISO) up to it’s max setting of 1600 and the video quality looked pretty good. This little camera isn’t going to be a low light monster but it will keep up with and even slightly outperform (with the help of raw mode) the t2i in its current state.

One other interesting comment from the rep was that they’ve already had talks with “some companies” who plan to sell 4/3 to EOS adapters with electronic controls that work with the Pocket Cinema camera. I would guess this statement was probably referencing Metabones adapters. At the Size and price of this little camera, I might end up pre ordering one just for travel. Right now I’m still on the fence, i’ll probably hang around and play with it a little more tomorrow when the crowd dies down before I pull the trigger.