New Beachtek adapters  (4 of 7)

I wandered by the Beachtek booth at NAB and had a chance to see the new Beachtek offerings. Meet the ultra compact MCC-2 which is basically a passive two channel mixer for $89. The MCC-2 is designed with 3 cold shoe adapters around the outside of the unit, giving you plenty of mounting options for a wireless mic like the Sennheiser G3 system or an on camera mic like the Rode Videomic pro.

New Beachtek adapters  (2 of 7)

If the devices you’re using already have the ability to deliver a high gain signal, this is actually a reasonably priced solution. The very compact design, low price, and good mounting solutions actually make the Beachtek MCC-2 a very handy little audio adapter. $89 might be a bit on the high side as far as the price is concerned, but if you need something simple for a dual wireless mic video shoot it’s still something interesting to consider.

The Beachtek MCC-2 starts shipping May 5th and I’m told pre-orders will be available in the next few weeks. I’m glad to see Beachtek is starting to add a little bit of innovation to their product line

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