Stereo transmitter

I know a lot of the people that read this site are pretty sharp. I only have so much time on my hands to try and develop cool and useful ideas. When I come across something that I don’t have time to design or develop I try to post it so that someone out there can take the idea and run with it.

Audio transmitters can set you back several hundred dollars and stereo transmitters are even more costly. But if you have a little bit of electrical know how, there are some dirt cheap starter kits that could solve the problem for under $100. This little unit is only $34 and could easily be incorporated into an audio preamp. This would give you the ability to transmit stereo audio from an audio interface back to a camera or field recorder. You’d still have to supply the 5 volts required as well as the audio interface needed for inputs and outputs, but I think if you did a little bit of design work it would be a very simple process. If you decide to make the next step in design let me know. I’d be more than happy to give you a little bit of design help. I just wish I had a little more time to move forward with something like this.