Sanyo Hyperthin cable 1


In the discussion about HDMI cables awhile back a few of you recommended these Sanho Hyperthin HDMI cables. The cables looked pretty good, so I ordered a few to take with me to portland. At $16 a piece ($14.95 plus shipping), they’re a little more expensive than a few of the other options, but the cable size is definitely worth it.

Sanyo Hyperthin cable 2

Side by side with the Mediabridge Flex cable I normally use, it’s easy to see that the Sanho Hyperthin wins in the size and flexibility category. It’s hard to believe that a cable could be this thin. I’ve only had a chance to test this out with a monitor so far but it appears to be working just as well as any other HDMI cable I’ve used.

Not really sure how durable the cable will be in the long run, but I think I’ll be ordering 3 or 4 more for each bag. Even if these only last 3 or 4 months, the flexibility makes them extremely handy.

On a side note, a few of you have asked for some comparison between the ALL-I and Prores 422 footage from the Ninja 2. I’ve shot the clips and I have them with me. Hopefully I’ll have some time when I get to the next motel to sit down and take a closer look at the footage. I’m thinking a difference matte might be the easiest way to see the difference, but i’m open to any ideas.

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