Ironically I was mentioning the dangers of storing a tablet or laptop in the back compartment of a camera bag just yesterday. Not following my own advice I found my old Nexus 7 cracked after it’s return from travel in the back compartment of my camera bag. I could fix it and they do sell replacement screen kits for around $30 on ebay. Replacing the screen doesn’t look very hard, but used Gen 1 Nexus 7’s only sell for around $130 (still a decent field monitor for the price) and cracked tablets sell for around $65. Not sure it’s worth the $30 profit margin to do the repair and sell the tablet. I’ll probably just sell it with the cracked screen.

Nexus 7 Tablet Cracket (2 of 2)

The damage isn’t horrible, but I think I might use this as an excuse to upgrade to the New Nexus 7 with it’s beautiful 1920×1200 display. I don’t really need to replace my old tablet, but the current price of $204 on Amazon’s warehouse deals definitely makes it tempting. I’m guessing remote desktop apps would really benefit from the extra ram and higher resolution display and the 9 hour battery life makes it handy for travel. I might have just sold myself on the upgrade.

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