Aluminum Gopro mount (2 of 5)

Scouting around on ebay, I came across this metal 1/4 20 Gopro adapter (on the right). There really isn’t anything wrong with the Plastic adapter (on the left), but the metal adapter is machined from a single piece of aluminum and feels pretty nice.

Aluminum Gopro mount (5 of 5)

It took a week or so to ship from China and arrived in a thin plastic envelope. At the time I ordered it the price was the same for the machined aluminum part and the plastic part ($4.99) so I thought I’d give the metal adapter a try. Now it looks like the metal adapters have jumped up to around $13. Not really sure if it’s worth the price difference unless you’ve had problems with the plastic version breaking or really like the look of machined aluminum.

Aluminum Gopro mount (6 of 5)

When the price was exactly the same, I would have said “go for the machined aluminum”, but now that it’s $8 more it’s a hard sale. The more expensive versions are at least anodized and you can get them in multiple colors but that’s still not much of a selling point. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice mount. I’m just not sure how many people need machined aluminum when the final attachment point is still plastic on the housing. If this is really a must have for your setup, keep an eye out on ebay, maybe the price will drop back down to $4.99 again. At that price it’s a pretty good deal.

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