Catleap monitor 3

I’ve been using a Catleap 2560×1440 monitor for almost a year now and it’s a great monitor with a lot of resolution for the price. With a little bit of color calibration it makes a great editing panel and it has better refresh rates (60hrz) than most of the lower price 4k monitors on the market. It looks like the Catleap is finally leaping on to Amazon (couldn’t resist the pun) under the brand name Crossover. I just spotted one this morning under the Label Crossover 27QW for $314 with free shipping. That’s about $80 less than what you’ll find them for on monoprice and Ebay, plus you have Amazons return police to back things up. It looks like they’re still shipped from South Korea, but they’re advertising 4 to 5 days shipping.

Not sure how long the price will stay at $314, so if you want one you might want to move fast. I already have the Catleap so I probably won’t make the upgrade, still $314 is a pretty darn good price for a 2560×1440 27 inch IPS panel….

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