This 3 cold shoe adapter seems a little over priced at $20, but it does feel nice and solid. I grabbed a few of these awhile back and they’ve been working out ok, but I’ve noticed you can now pick up a thinner looking version for $9.99 with free shipping on amazon. I’ve got one on order to see how it stacks up against the $20 version. I’ll let you know next week if the $10 version is complete junk or not.

Triple shoe1

If you need to mount a lot of stuff in a very small space these 3 cold shoe adapters are handy to have around. Mine are mostly used for wireless audio packs because you can cluster 2 or 3 receivers in a space the size of a fist. They also do a pretty good job at the end of a friction arm. Or you could always use them for their original intended purpose, a flash bracket.

Has anyone given the $9.99 version a try? I would guess the $20 version would be a little better if you plan to mount flash heads. The thicker design would probably better support 3 large flash heads and the 12 batteries in side. I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out.

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