Over all I’ve been pretty impressed with the image quality of the MustHD 5.6 inch field monitor. For a monitor in this price range it looks really good and the 1280×800 screen resolution is a very nice plus. The design and implementation of the sun hood and battery plates are very well thought out and the HDMI locking ports are a nice touch.

For the most part controls are pretty easy to use and the remote is an interesting feature for quick checks on focus. With the programmable button on the front of the panel, you probably won’t need to spend much, if any time digging through the menu system once you have this setup.

MustHD 5.6 inch monitor (2 of 8)

On the downside the MustHD monitor’s headphone port is a bit noisy which isn’t a deal breaker, but a little disappointing. While the build quality is very good for the price, it is made out of plastic, so you’ll want to protect it and keep it out of the rain. Also I personally prefer the red indication for focus peaking over the method used on the MustHD, however that’s more of a personal preference than a complaint.

MustHD 5.6 inch monitor (1 of 8)

I’m still surprised that they can include this good of a screen on the MustHD for this price. It was only a few years ago that we were paying almost as much for a 800×480 screen with far less options.

If you are working with a camera that can actually take advantage of the 1280×800 screen the MustHD 5.6 inch field monitor is well worth considering for the price. I think this will be replacing my smallhd dp4 in my camera bag for any jobs that aren’t out in the elements.

You can find out more about the MustHD on their site. You can also check out these earlier posts here and here for more hands on and pictures. If I get some time maybe I’ll compare this to the Aputure V-screen and Smallhd DP6 to see how it stacks up.

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