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I was a little disappointed with Sony a7s announcement yesterday. I was hoping for internal 4k recording and that seemed to be the biggest disappointment for me. I had almost marked the Sony a7s off my list until I had a chance to play around with it this afternoon. Even though the internal 4k recording option was pretty much a no go, the low light performance was, for a lack of another term, amazing.

I spent 45 minutes at the sony booth playing around with the a7s today and I was basically blown away. I’ve shot on the 5d mark III for years and I trust it for shots up to ISO 6400, the Sony a7s blows it out of the water. Ian and I shot from ISO 32,000 all the way up to ISO 80,000. Even at ISO 80,000 the noise was less than a 5d mark III at ISO 6400. The Sony a7s is incredible in low light and puts the c100/c300 to shame.

While I’m disappointed with the lack of 4k internal recording, I think low light performance makes the Sony a7s an all around winner for 1080p applications. The added benefit of adapting Canon lenses makes the Sony a7s a great option for future upgrades. I’ve added the a7s to my list of things to buy.

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