Samsung 28 inch 4k monitor U28D590D

There have been a few affordably priced 4k monitors on the market, but all of them were limited to 30 hz refresh rate. While 30 hz is fine for video, it can be a little painful for normal computing tasks. The Samsung 28 inch 4k monitor is one of the first somewhat affordable 4k panels running at 60 hz to hit the market. At a price of $599 you get a 3840 x 2160 (Ultra HD) workspace in a 28 inch desktop friendly package. 

Originally the estimated price on the Samsung 28 inch 4k monitor was $699, but amazon dropped the price to $599 this morning so I ended up pulling the trigger. This will be replacing my much loved Catleap 2560×1440 panel that I’ve been using over the last few years.

Apparently one of the benefits of the Samsung 28 inch 4k monitor is that you can run the monitor off of a single displayport cable at 60 hz making it much more attractive than some of the dual DVI 4k options. I’ll let you know how it turns out when it finally shows up. Might have to upgrade my graphics card, not sure if my HD 7970 GHz Edition or my GTX 680 4GB will be enough to handle a 4k panel. I’ll only be using this monitor for editing so I might end up with enough GPU power to get by.

On a side note, if you are running Nvidia cards in SLI there is currently no support for this monitor. So if that’s your setup you might want to hold off until Nvidia finally releases an updated driver.

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