Mitakon EOS speed booster

I found this one by accident while searching for more Panasonic Gh4 lens options. Apparently Mitakon, the company that makes that mysterious 35mm f0.95 lens I posted this morning also makes a very interesting Canon EOS to M4/3 speed booster style adapter. The focal multiplier for this guy is 0.726x so a Canon 50mm f1.4 would be a 72.6mm  instead of a 100mm on a M4/3 body. You still get a gain of 1-stop as with other adapters, but this is completely passive, so you’ll still run into the aperture control issues with standard EOS glass.

Still at a price of $149 the Canon EOS to M4/3 speed booster style adapter looks like a pretty interesting option. I might have to give it a try once I have the Panasonic Gh4 in my hands. Apparently Mitakon makes M4/3 adapters in just about every flavor imaginable and all of them are in the $130 to $185 pricing range. That’s around $200 or so less than the Metabones adapters, I wonder what the downside is.

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