HMNsound Lav (1 of 2)

I just got this sub $100 Lav microphone in from HMN Sound. Base price is $79 and you can get these with pretty much any wireless system adapter you like. In this cause I went for the Sennheiser twist lock adapter (extra $20) since most of my wireless units are Sennheiser G2 or G3 units.

There isn’t a huge price difference between the HMN Sound lav and the Sennheiser ME-2 lav I normally use. Going with the HMN Sound saves you about $30, but the HMN lav offers a lot more options in terms of adapters and audio performance. In this case I have the shelved version, which according to HMN “provides a smooth 6 dB “shelved up” curve between 2 kHz and 15 kHz to compensate for lost facial reflections when the mic is used on the exterior of the body, as in the typical lapel or tie-clip position”.

HMNsound Lav (2 of 2)

Unlike the Sennheiser ME-2 lav, the HMN Sound lav is compatible with normal 48v and 24v XLR phantom power as well as lower voltages. So if you are looking for a lav to plug directly into an XLR jack, you can get the HMN Sound lav with an XLR adapter ready to go.

I’m still catching up from travel, but hopefully I’ll have some audio tests up of the HMN Sound lav in the next week or so and a full review to follow. I’m interested to compare this little hand made lav to my Sennheiser ME-2 lav microphones and see how it stacks up.

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