Sony a7s

At 12:00 A.M. this morning Sony officially announced pricing and a release date for the new A7s. When I first heard about this camera I was very disappointed at the lack of internal 4k recording, but after getting my hands on it at NAB it completely changed my mind.

While I’m disappointed that Sony chose not to add an internal 4k recording option to the A7s, the amazing low light performance of the new 12mp sensor really seems to make up for it. I’ve been shooting 4k with the Panasonic GH4 for the past few weeks and while the internal 4k recording is nice and image quality and resolution is good, I don’t see myself using it exclusively any time in the near future.

Sony a7s 2

What it boils down to for me is extreme low light, a full frame look, and shallow depth of field versus internal 4k recording, flip out screen, and a lower price. While 4k recording is a nice feature to have, extreme low light performance is a much more useful feature for me and I’ve grown to love the look of full frame. I have no plans to invest in a $2,000 external 4k recorder so for me the Sony A7s will probably take the place of one of my 5d mark III bodies and my hated Canon c100.

I’m interested to hearing what you guys think. Is Panasonic GH4’s 4k recording and price more important to you than extreme low light at 1080p and a full frame sensor? Do you really need 4k in your DSLR or is it just the next “must have” feature?

As of right now I have 2 Panasonic GH4 bodies and a hand full of M4/3 lenses. I like the GH4 enough that i’ll be keeping one of them around, but I don’t think I’ll be investing enough into M4/3 lenses to make 2 bodies useful. The GH4 I have yet to unbox will probably be ebayed to pay for the Sony A7s preorder. To me it almost feels like these cameras will end up being complementary. When you want extreme low light in a full frame format, you’ll go for the Sony A7s and when you want 4k you’ll reach for the Panasonic GH4.

I guess it’s time to start selling some gear.

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