Metabones EF to e-mount v4

Thanks to Sven for point this one out. Looks like Metabones just updated their Canon EF to Sony NEX lens adapter. The Mark IV looks very similar to the Mark III with some subtle changes in the opening size and coating. According to Metabones website here are the upgrades:

  • The new design of inner housing in MARK IV has a bigger inner hole. Improving the Tilt shift lens preformance.
  • The inner hole is painted with matt coating. This can further reduce the internal reflection.


I don’t see anything listing upgraded electronics or functionality. It appears that the new Canon EF to Sony NEX lens adapter has just a few minor design changes. If you aren’t having any problems with your Mark III, there probably isn’t much reason to upgrade to the Mark IV, but if you’re in the market, you may as well get the latest generation. I wonder if the Metabones Mark III adapter will get a price drop after this announcement.

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