Where are you s
It’s pretty apparent that i’ve been missing from the internet for the last 5+ months. My flight back to Denver from Sacramento landed on sunday and I’m finally back home unpacking and unwinding. What you see above is just one of the many hotels I’ve been living in throughout northern and central California. I had no idea how much of the state is in the middle of no where and how little cell phone service and internet is available. My roaming charges for this job where very high and despite three rounds of poison oak (in my eye among other places), two car accidents involving deer, and the filming of many salmon meeting their end by clubbing, it was a great time. Even so, I don’t think i’ll be signing up for another 5 month job anytime soon, I’m fed up with hotels, long hours, fog, and nature.

That said, i’m glad to be back! The site and youtube channel will resume normal updates again starting this week (most likely tomorrow). I have lots of Panasonic GH4 lenses to cover, a new editing laptop (the old monster got with fog), lots of new kit, and much more.

If you’ve sent me an e-mail over the last 5 months, I’ll be starting the task of sorting through them tomorrow (my inbox is ridiculous). You just might get a reply to that question or comment for ages ago.



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