IMB model M keyboard s (1 of 1)

I have a very special place in my heart for the Old IBM model M buckle spring mechanical keyboards. They’re loud, they’re tough, and every single key makes you feel like you are really typing something. I have a new version of the original model M that set me back around $100 and I enjoy it immensely. However I also have a few hideous old 1980’s vintage models laying around and I was looking at what it would take to upgrade it them to usb.

It turns out you can buy a USB adapter cable for these old keyboards for just under $40 and convert them over for modern use. These aren’t for everyone but if you’re sitting on a stash of these guys and want to put them back into service, this is a pretty easy solution. $40 is still a little steep, if any of you find a cheaper source for these things let me know.

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