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I’ve been using the MSI GS60 for the last 4 or 5 months as a high powered editing laptop. Lately I’ve been wondering if it could end up being a desktop replacement, so I started searching for some kind of docking station. After a bit of research I came across the Startech Universal 4k docking station.

Startech Docking station (2 of 3)

The docking station has a lot of extra ports and manages to provide 4k video via a single USB 3.0 port connected to the MSI GS60. There aren’t a lot of other docking station options to choose from so I thought I’d give this one a try.

One of the disappointing things about the docking station is that it’s limited to 30 hz in 4k mode. While this docking station does allow for a 4k output via the displayport output, it isn’t something you’ll probably want to game with. The Startech Universal 4k docking station is probably fine for productivity applications like video editing and spreadsheet work but gaming is likely off the table.

Startech Docking station (3 of 3)

Over all, the Startech Universal 4k docking station isn’t a bad buy, but i’m a little disappointed in the 4k refresh rates. I’m already limited by the 48hz screen on the MSI GS60, I think I’ll end up using the displayport output with my Samsung 4k panel and using the docking station for it’s assortment of usb ports.

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