After using the Azden 250s for the past few weeks, I would say it is on par with the performance of the Rode NTG-2 in terms of audio quality. With a few added features like being able to turn the battery power off (saves battery power without removing it), the 250s really offers up a lot of value. It even comes with a cold shoe mount adapter which is a nice little extra.

Azden SGM-250s (3 of 4)

The Azden 250s mount adapter is a nice touch but it isn’t perfect. The adapter doesn’t include a ¼ 20 thread at the base of the cold shoe adapter which is a little disappointing, however it’s still a nice addon to see, especially since most mics in this price point only include a standard ⅝” mic stand cradle. Honestly, for an extra $12 or so, you might want to consider something like the Movo SMM1 shockmount. A mount like that will provide you a little better suspension as well as more mounting options.

Here are some quick audio samples

First the Azden:

Now the Sennheiser:

Comparing the Azden 250s to a much higher priced boom mic like the Sennheiser MKH416, you can hear that the 250s is a little muddy in contrast to the MKH416. That said, the Azden 250s is a $250 mic, while the Sennheiser MKH416 will set you back close to $1000.

Azden SGM-250s (1 of 1)

As far as build quality goes, after using the Azden 250s for a few weeks you can see that I’ve already chipped some paint. I am a bit rough with my gear, which means I sometimes end up throwing it around when I’m trying to maximize time between shots. Most gear i’ve used in the past seems to hold up a little bit better. It doesn’t affect performance but it is something to be aware of if you are ruff on your kit. While it’s not as tough as some of the other mics I use, the Azden 250s build quality is about what I would expect for the price.

Azden SGM-250s (4 of 4)

The Azden 250s includes a windscreen and a mic bag. The windscreen is your standard affair, but you might want to consider upgrading for better wind protection if that’s the type of environment you are going to be working in. I’m putting the Azden 250s in my main bag of gear, and it’ll be traveling with me on future shoots.

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