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04Sep Cheaper Nexus 7 mount option for your DSLR RIG

The RAM mount adapter works as a secure way to mount the Nexus 7 tablet, but by the time you add all of the additional parts the price ends up being around $40. If you don’t need a mounting option that’s as rugged and want to save some money this tablet grip on ebay is only about $11. The get […]

29May Juicedlink DS214 adapter ready to go.

It seems easy to just come up with a good idea and say poof “here it is”, but in truth, designs made with the makerbot arn’t quit that simple. The stack of 5 in the picture are just a few of the designs that didn’t work out. Some fell apart because of settings, some were just […]

22May More Zoom H1 shock mount spam.

Most of my week has been taken up with the Zoom H1 shock mount adapter I’ve been working on. A few people wanted me to step on it and pitch it off a roof to make sure they would stand up to normal use. Turns out they do. I was also trying to work out […]

15May Juicedlink DS214 adapter and Zoom h1 shock mount.

Finished up the Black versions of both the Juicedlink DS214 adapter and the Zoom H1 shock mount adapter, both of which turned out great. I added a cold shoe mount on both the top and bottom of the Juicedlink adapter, and cleaned up the design on the shock mount to include tie wrap holes across […]

14May Zoom h1 and Tascam DR-05 shock mount.

A few weeks back I mentioned that I was working on a design for a Zoom H1 shock mount. Now that I’ve got the 3d printer up and running I can test out my design. I must say it works very well. I added a cold shoe adapter to the bottom of the shock mount, […]

21Mar Turn an unbalanced mono jack into a stereo output.

Audio pictured above Dave Knop from QuickFX pointed out to me that some of the lower price editing programs like iMovie and Windows Movie maker don’t have much in the form of audio control. This isn’t to much of a problem if you’re using the in camera microphone but can be a real hassle if […]

24Feb Bargain Bin extra’s for your DSLR RIG.

These 3 Items are probably some of the most handy things to have around the house when you’re putting together a DSLR RIG, mounting camera equipment, or adapting your stuff to stuff.  The best part is, “all of this could be yours if the price is right”. What is the right price? Well lets work […]