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13Sep Ram mount 1″ ball adapters: buyers guide

I’m a big fan of Ram Mount 1 inch ball adapters, they’re easy to mount, come in all kinds of configurations, and they’re very rugged. The only problem with Ram Mount is that they make a lot of stuff and because of that their website is about as organized as a riot in a prison yard. Whats worse […]

29Jul 11 inch friction arm with Rod clamp.

I’ve been using these adjustable friction arms for quit awhile and they work great, plus they’re cheaper then most of the other adjustable arms on the market. It seems like every few months they come out with an updated model that has some other minor feature. This time they’ve included with the arm a nice […]

17Mar Discount adjustable friction Arm 5 pack.

If you’re trying to put together a DIY rig this adjustable friction arm set might be something handy. It’s a 5 pack of friction arms for $129.50 plus $20 shipping. $30 a peace is a pretty good deal, but what’s the catch? Well the catch is that one side is 1/4, but the other side is 5/16. […]