I’ve been using these adjustable friction arms for quit awhile and they work great, plus they’re cheaper then most of the other adjustable arms on the market. It seems like every few months they come out with an updated model that has some other minor feature. This time they’ve included with the arm a nice little .

The price has gone up to about $55 a peace if you want these units with the rail clamp, so the deal isn’t quit as sweet as it has been in the past, but it’s probably worth it if rails are your only mounting option. For some reason 15mm rail clamps have always been a little over priced. Even the cheapest clamps on the market are $15 to $30 a peace, that seems high for a peace of metal the size of my thumb.

If you don’t need the 15mm rail adapter you can pick up the for about $30 on ebay. Or you can pay $20 extra for faster shipping on amazon.