Your film footage might be great, but it’s nothing without a good sound track. I can’t afford to pay for top 40 music, so most of the time I write my own. Normally the first thing I reach for is a field recorder and the . In about 15 minutes you can turn a 25 cent keyboard into a usable track that could be the foundation to your next sound track. I know I make it look kind of easy in this video, but don’t be fooled, it takes some practice to get used to this type of music creation.

There are a lot of people who have given up on writing music on samplers because they can’t get the hang of it. Which means the used market is full of . If you don’t have the musical chops maybe you can find a talented friend to write the music for you. Or you could always just play 3 notes on the piano then repeat. That seems to work more often then you would think.

I used this sampler to write the music for this music video as well.