Just made it home from Denver about an hour ago and there is a large stack of packages waiting to be opened. A lot of the time I order random parts and peaces from Hong Kong but some of this shipped a little closer to home. The problem with stuff from China is that it has a 30 day window of delivery. Sometimes you get what you ordered in a few weeks but more often then not you already forgot you ordered it when it shows up.

I opened everything up and started sorting through it all. In no real order we have:

  1. 15 foot usb cable to test with the Okii usb follow focus
  2. A few packs of linear bearings for the makerbot
  3. Light Craft 72mm Fader ND filter to test against the cheaper polaroid Fader ND
  4. LP-E6  and Sony NP-FM500H batteries + chargers for monitors
  5. It’s hard to see, but there is a smallhd DP4 monitor underneath the pile that will soon be up against the Sony CLM v55
  6. A large spool of black plastic from a new supplier, much cheaper then Makerbot’s store.
  7. A bright and shiny Sandisk Extreme 30 MB/s card. I’ll be using this to test higher bit rates in magic lantern. The price has dropped down to $36.

I’ll have some more posts on all of this stuff once I get a chance to start playing around. This is going to be a busy month so stay tuned.

SanDisk 16gb Extreme 30MB/s Edition SDHC High Performance Card

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