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03Aug Battery Management on your film project.

I see people spend a bunch of money on camera gear, but the batteries needed to run that camera gear are often overlooked. If you’re just working as a photographer, having only 2 batteries would probably be fine, but if you’re using your camera for film making don’t expect much more then an hour and […]

30Jul The mail man left me some gear.

Just made it home from Denver about an hour ago and there is a large stack of packages waiting to be opened. A lot of the time I order random parts and peaces from Hong Kong but some of this shipped a little closer to home. The problem with stuff from China is that it […]

10Jul Decoded LP-E8 generic batteries first impressions.

Those generic decoded Canon LP-E8 batteries showed up yesterday along with the two spare battery chargers. From the little testings I was able to do today, they seem to work just about as good as the Canon brand batteries. I was however¬†disappointed that none of the batteries included covers. I normally use the covers to […]