Those generic decoded Canon LP-E8 batteries showed up yesterday along with the two spare battery chargers. From the little testings I was able to do today, they seem to work just about as good as the Canon brand batteries. I was however disappointed that none of the batteries included covers.

I normally use the covers to keep track of which batteries are charged and which aren’t while filming. It can be a real pain if you have a bag full of batteries and you don’t know which ones are charged. Plus it wastes time filming when you grab a battery with very little charge, pop it in, shoot a couple of scenes, then see your battery warning starts flashing.

Until I get some battery covers ordered, the easiest way to go is to simply rap a rubber band around the battery after I pull it off the charger. Maybe I can print some type of battery cover out on the makerbot. Other then the missing covers I think these should work out well.

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