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25Mar Camera Clash Panasonic AF100 vs Canon 60D – Episode 1

The guys from Sideways Productions just posted the first episode of camera clash. It’s pretty interesting to see how the $3500 Panasonic AF100 stacks up against the Canon 60d. One thing to think about if you’re in the market for either one of these cameras is the standard features that come with a proper video camera like the […]

24Mar Sescom USB to 3.5mm headphone monitoring cable – Video Review

First i’d like to note that there is a mistake in this video. As of right now Magic Lantern audio functions are not working on the T3i. They are working on it, but the t3i and 600d have a different audio chip then the rest of canon’s cameras making it difficult to enable audio functionality. […]

23Mar Sideways Productions Camera Clash Panasonic AF100 vs Canon 60D

The guys over at Sideways Productions are putting a series of camera tests together, starting with the Panasonic AF100 v.s. the Canon 60D. The first episodes should start coming out next week.  In an effort to help promote this series a number of us in the DSLR community have helped out, including Caleb from dslrvideoshooter, Luke […]