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23Nov iRig Pre after hack testing

It seems there is some confusion about the iRig Pre Hack I posted. You could use the adapter cable (on the right) to brake out the pins on the included iOS cable into a microphone output and a headphone input but this is messy and the headphone part of the cable is basically useless for none […]

22Nov iRig Pre DSLR Audio Hack

I was looking at the iRig Pre and realized it would be very easy to use the built in headphone jack as a standard output which would mean no hacked cable or extra parts would be required. If you remove the battery cover and battery, you’ll notice a small screw between the positive and negative terminals. Removing […]

16Nov Irig Pre XLR audio interface for your DSLR – First impressions

Basically the connector above combines the headphone output as well as the microphone input cable into a single device. That way you can use your headphones to answer calls as well as listen to music on your iphone. You might see an iOS audio interface with a connector like this and think “useless”,  but if you add […]